Unstoppable Me!

Unstoppable me!

This month, our  “Resilience program” has been guided by the book Unstoppable Me!

Ten ways to soar through life, written by Dr. Wayne W.Dyer.

This is a fantastic age appropriate resource for developing social and emotional awareness and establishing a healthy outlook on life.

Each chapter has a poem and story illustrating the concept.

Enjoy the Here-and-now

Take pleasure in the here-and-now; don’t always be on the run. The road to reach you goal should be part of the fun!

The class looked back into their past and discussed everyday challenges; like making their beds and putting their shoes on.

They then discussed how they can now do these tasks without help, through their determination and practice.

Their individual achievements where then documented using a tree drawing with a new branch for each achievement.

We spoke about staying grounded and led the class through the mindful activity “Rooted like a Tree” focusing on being balanced, feeling strong and confident.

Allowing change to occur, just like how a tree grows a little bit at a time.

Persistence Pays Off!

Don’t tell yourself, I can’t, or dwell on mistakes; patience and determination are really all that it takes.

The children were presented with the question “what does persistence look like in our classroom?”

Through a group discussion the class agreed that starting a task or experience and following through until the end is what being persistent mean.

A further discussion evolved about how you will feel once the task is completed. The class identified the emotions of proud, happy and excited.

Being persistent is the theme of our daily Growth Mindset song and we reflect back to it when talking about not giving up even when I task gets tricky.

We read the poem Persistence pays of which is about never quitting something you start from the book Unstoppable Me!

To further embed the value of persistence the children were given 2 classroom challenges;

  1. Find one of our focus letters in a magazine and cut it out.
  2. Flip a frog into the bowl.

Each task required a different skill and the children chose which task they wanted to challenge themselves with.

Upon completion of the challenge the children persistence was acknowledged and celebrated.

You Have a Choice!  

Every choice that you make is all up to you.

Through our “Resilience Program” the class explored “making choices” and how these choices impact how you feel throughout your day.

We drew a road onto a long sheet of paper with car parks along the way.

Each carpark had 2 choices. 1choice had a positive long-term effect and the other resulted in instant gratification with a undesirable long-term effect.

I explained that there was no right or wrong choice, just 2 different choices at that time which would affect how you would feel through the day.

I lead the class through each path and discussed how you would feel at the end of the day if they took all the positive choices or all the negative choices.

Next, I lead the class through the path making some poor choices at first and then positive choices.

Pointing out that everyone can have an off morning and end the day happy when making positive choices and that every choice you make is up to you.

You’re Great!

If you value yourself and all that you are – you’ll be unstoppable.

I read the class the poem “you’re great – no matter what”

The poem is about learning from your mistakes and valuing yourself.

I then lead the class through the mindfulness activity “Words to yourself”.

This activity is about how you can help yourself by replacing unkind words in your mind with kind words.

I  told the class that these words were like a magic spell they could cast over themselves to give them confidence in their individual abilities.

The class then made up the spell “I can do it, I’ll try my hardest, I know I can, I am brave, I am confident”.

The children chanted along and at the end they cast their spell over themselves, empowering their actions.

Grit and Growth Mindset

The class adjusted to a new teacher in March, new social interactions rules in April and more regimented hygiene practices.

They have taken all these changes in their stride, adjusted and continued to grow and learn.

It’s all about the Growth and Grit mindset.

That’s all for now from Miss Patti and the Sea Turtles ( Pinjins)

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