Toilet Training Quickly and Effectively

How do Educators make Toilet training look so effortless and easy?

We share seven effective tips that we use in our Dolphins Room to train quickly and effectively:

These simple but effective tips cater for every child, including the jumping jacks that won’t sit still for long.

Tip 1: Invest in some toilet training books that assimilate the noise of the toilet flushing.
Tip 2: Set a timer for every 20 mins, as a reminder to go sit on the potty or the toilet.
Tip 3: Group toilet time, bring in a sibling, have a chat.
Tip 4: Invest in a white board marker. Sit your child back to front on the toilet and let them go to town. It wipes off instantly.
Tip 5: Play You tube clips on your smart phone or ipad and singalong to their favourite songs.
Tip 6: Incentives. Make toilet training exciting. Go shopping for new undies or create a sticker chart for every time their undies are dry.
Tip 7: The key to successful, quick and effective toilet training is…. consistency!


Things to Avoid

Never force your child to sit on the toilet/potty.

Avoid getting angry when they have an accident.

Avoid belittling or laughing at them, even though they are super cute.


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