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The Gift Of Boredom

‘School Holidays’ and ‘Lockdown’ in the same sentence is what inspired me to write this blog.

Our children today are use to constant activities and programmed entertainment, because we feel it’s our job as a parent to entertain them, but we are not allowing our children to have the opportunity to be bored.

In times like our current situation, we feel stressed and think boredom is a bad thing.

On the contrary….Boredom invariably sparks creativity, especially in children.

                   “Children are robbed of a golden opportunity to foster creativity”.

Boredom sows the seeds to this.

SO, in this lockdown period, allow them to get bored and see what they create themselves.

Boredom can become the motivation that drives us to

  • learn;
  • explore;
  • experiment; and
  • harness the creative energy within.

Troubled by boredom

When we are troubled by boredom, it is not that there is nothing to do but rather that we are not stimulated by the options before us.

We identify boredom as a signal that we need to test our boundaries, children are no different.

Except they will also test yours because they are yet to learn how to harness those moments of emptiness and available time on their hands.

With teenagers, boredom is associated with negative outcomes which can lead them to unsafe choices. Yet boredom by its very nature is passive.

As parents, we may feel frustrated at our teens inability to channel their mental energy into productive tasks and their attempt to lose themselves in self-destructive pursuits.

While these traits can be a sign of depression, it can also be an invitation issued from our mind, asking us to challenge ourselves.

Make it about the challenge and help your teen challenge themselves with engaging, purposeful pursuits.


The human mind thrives on novelty.

What was once a source of pleasure can become tedious after a time.

Though our lives are full, boredom lurks around every corner because we innately long for new experiences.

In other traditions, boredom is perceived as a pathway to self-awareness.

Boredom itself is not detrimental, it is the manner in which we respond to it that determines whether it becomes a positive or a negative influence in our lives.

When you respond by actively filling the emptiness you feel lurking in yourself, you cultivate creativity and innovation.

Buckle up and get ready for the school holiday ride.

Embrace it! In order to indulge their desire for adventure and creativity.


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Until next time, be the change you want to see.

Honey-Nicodah Robbinson

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