Sparking Curiosity

Sparking Curiosity

Sparking curiosity through Ocean Sensory with toddlers.

Sound intriguing?

What is ocean sensory and what does that look like in the  Dolphins (Gawong) classroom?

Building knowledge

To start to build children’s knowledge in understanding;

  • more about the ocean;
  • what animals might live in the ocean; and
  • colours we might find in the ocean.

A giant ocean themed sensory tub was created for the children to explore the ocean world through play.

The tub comprised of fabrics, sea creature animals, sea shells, coloured pasta to create seaweed and  magnetic coloured fish to catch with fishing rods.

The children engaged in the underwater world together naming the sea creatures they could see and testing their fine motor skills using the fishing rods to catch the fish.

The children found a crab hiding under the rock, and used verbal language “Look, a crab, Roar.”

The children had a great time interacting with each other and exploring their world through play.

It was great to see children engaging with each other using language to further develop social skills with their peers.

Sensory Experiences

Are important for children as they become active learners by exploring different materials within their environment.

Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a child’s senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.

Benefits of sensory play include, developing nerve connections to the brain, help develop motor skills, encourages language development and promotes scientific thinking and problem solving.

Try this at home

To extend on this learning at home you’ll need;

  • a shallow rectangle container or tub
  • fabrics of different texture ( velvet works well)
  • sea animals
  • shells
  • rocks
  • coloured cellophane cut up
  • pasta sea weed
  • wooden chop sticks for the rod
  • string
  • magnets to apply to fish and rods.
  • An extention on this activity is to colour the pasta with food colouring and painting the shells.

That’s all this month from Miss Tarsh, Miss Lauren and the Gawongs.

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