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M iss Roshin floated throughout the centre experiencing every age group  before moving into the role of lead educator in the Little fish Room. Roshin went on maternity leave to bring a beautiful little boy into the world, returning to work a new mum and as the lead educator in Snakes room. This year has challenged Roshin as an educator and has developed her knowledge and leadership skills exponentially. Roshin has an extremely nurturing nature and works magically along side Miss Coby who also has a son at the centre and flourishes in the creative department.

In our resilience program Mindful Kids, the children learn how to Recognise what emotion they are experiencing and how to normalise, pivot and move through them.

The EYLF program supports the basic learning curriculum. This is called the emergent curriculum and it responds to, expands and builds upon their ideas and interests of the children in the group, collectively and individually. The educator plays a pivotal role as co learner, facilitator and observer.

Our three specialty programs we run are:

“Mindful Kids” Resilience; “Empowering Our Youth” Aboriginal inspired collaborated with a traditonal elder; and “Bush Kindy” Nature inspired. These programs are often facilitated in our natural environment outdoor classroom.

Apart from the national curriculum and specialty programs, we focus on toilet training, counting to 20, shapes, colours,  swish and Swallow after lunch and last but not least…healthy eating,

The colour pink is an interesting colour to splash on the walls. There is a colour psychology behind why we decided todo that. Pink relates to understanding, giving and receiving of nurturing, compassion and love. It’s a soft feel good colour that compliments the environment.

This room is skill based and keeps to the ratio of 2.6 yrs – 3.10 yrs