M r John, Centre Assistant Director/Senior Educator of Snakes ( Jom-Gwong), is diploma qualified and has worked in every age group including the ” My Time Our Place” After school care program. He has a sound knowledge of child development.

The Pre prep resilience program is also rolled out in this room to ensure the smooth transition into the Sea Turtles room.

In this program the children learn different emotions and how to Recognise what emotion they are experiencing. This is a stepping stone into normalising emotions in order to be mindful of how they feel and how to change it from a negative to a positive. Your child will in turn teach you how to fill your imaginary happiness bucket.

In this room we cover toilet training, counting to 20, shapes, colours, healthy eating, swish and Swallow after lunch, learning greetings in different languages. The EYLF programme which supports the basic learning curriculum. This is called the emergent curriculum and it responds to, expands and builds upon their ideas and interests of the children in the group, collectively and individually. The educator plays a pivotal role as co learner, facilitator and observer.

Crystal bright kids early learning mascotThere is a colour psychology behind why we decided to splash our walls with colour, pink relates to understanding, giving and receiving of nurturing, compassion and love.

This room is licensed from 2.6 to 4 years, but we traditionally transition children to Sea Turtles at age 3.6 years