Sense of Belonging

A Sense of Belonging

This refers to how a child from even before birth is linked to family, community, culture and place.

Through these relationships a child’s development and learning takes place.

They begin to explore, develop interests, create their own identity and make meaning of the world around them.

Having a sense of Being, Belonging, Becoming isn’t just a part of our Early Years Learning Framework,

It’s an Oxytocin surge when we are acknowledged as individuals.

A work in progress

What better way to welcome all our Little Fish into the Dolphins room, than creating a Birthday tree together.

It’s all little hands on deck.

This process took us a week to complete as we created each part in stages.

We focused on a sustainable approach to our creation by using newsprint to give the tree trunk the effect of bark.

Talking the children through each stage while they were creating gave them a deeper understanding of what they were doing and why.

Stage two

The next step was to cut out big leaves to represent months and paint them a vibrant green again using sustainable newsprint.

Final step

The final step is taking photos of each  child holding the date that their birthday falls on.

These are yet to be added to the leaf that represents the month they were born.

Children just love seeing photos of themselves around the room.

It gives them a sense of ownership and security in their environment.

That’s all from me this week

Miss Tarsh

My reflection as an educator: With the new children entering the room this was a great way to focus on being, belonging and becoming.

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