Resilient kids

Resilient Kids

How do you teach resilience to children and create resilient kids ?

It’s quite simple. We break it down by starting with one easy tool on how to regulate and normalise emotions.

After all, everything is temporary and emotions are just energy in motion.

It’s learning that all emotions are okay, but it’s how you move through emotions and pivot to a better feeling thought.

The Program

Week two and we are back in full swing of our 2020 program in our pre prep room.

Our brains are like a supercomputer and our self talk is the program it will run.

Positive language is essential to teaching resilience because what you say and how you say it matters. Praising incorrectly is detrimental to children’s confidence.

The resilience program we run in centre is adapted to each age group, which enables us to take the program to the next level in this particular room.

The children harness the idea of a growth mindset; how to breathe to calm themselves; establish how to be brave and how to pivot when things don’t go their way.

Having a Growth mindset verses a fixed mindset

Q: Whats the difference between a Fixed and Growth Mindset?

A: A Fixed Mindset will resist new things and limit their beliefs around their abilities.

They are unwilling to try new things or take on other peoples opinions.

Where as a Growth Mindset will be open to change and trying new things, they believe they can achieve great results with practice.

They are open to learning from others.

Growth Mindset song

Children learn through song because its a rhythm they relate to.

You just have to think about the days of the month song we learnt as children. I still catch myself reciting 30 days have September, April, June and November….

We kicked off  our resilience program today with a new Growth mindset Song.

Singing this on a daily basis embeds the positive notion that you can do anything you set your mind to.

If you would like to sing at home, this is how it goes;

“My brain is like elastic, it stretches and it grows,

Even when things get tricky, i will have a go!

I won’t give up,

I’ll take a risk,

I might get all upset.

Mistakes don’t mean that i can’t do it, it just means i can’t do it yet”

Breath work

Breathe work is the go to tool to manage stress and anxiety because of the following reasons:

  • slow breathing allows us to tap into our para sympathetic nervous systems (known as rest and digest)
  • it changes brain wave patterning; and
  • it allows us to release trapped energy.

We began our breathe work today through story time.

The story  “My Magical Breath” is a great introduction story because it encourages the children to use breathing as a method of emotional release and control.

In chatting with the children throughout the reading, encouraging and responding to them as they felt the urge to contribute with verbal communication. The children shared things that made them smile, things that made them sad and through breathing, it turned a couple of frowns upside down from the experience.

The children then painted an inspiration piece of their own magical breath.


Meditation allows us to still our inside waters and restore. Encouraging a relaxed state to respond rather than react.

We extended the breathing through water pebble meditation. This exercise created an avenue to practice breath work through allowing the pebble to rise and fall on their tummies as they breathed.

In an earlier table activity we decorated the pebbles in readiness for the meditation.

The children zenned out laying on yoga mats with lavender eye pillows, listening to Oceania background music accompanying the sound of my voice guiding them through their water meditation.

They  displayed enthusiasm and concentration throughout the meditation, while showcasing active listening skills and a greater understanding of the world they live in.

Our Resilience program is facilitated by our very own licensee, who is a Certified Life Coach and Resilience Facilitator.

I enjoyed being apart of it today.

That’s all from me until next time

Miss Alesdra

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