Popular Pumpkin Soup with Baguette

Popular Pumpkin Soup with Baguette

All meals are prepared and cooked fresh daily, onsite by our 2IC centre cook, Shanny.

We all love a good hearty bowl of pumpkin soup in the winter, including our kids.

Yep! That’s right! It’s on our menu. Our kids love it.

Especially with a yummy baguette on the side, to dip in for some extra fullness.


1 x large Kent Pumpkin

5 x Potatoes

3 x Sweet Potatoes

2 x Leeks

3 x Carrots

3 x Zucchinis

two x Tbsp Chicken Stock

one x Tbsp Garlic

200ml Thickened Cream

Salt & Pepper


Chop all ingredients into small chunks

Fill a large pot with water to the vegetable line

Add garlic & chicken stock

Boil vegetables until soft then blend using a stick blender

Add thickened cream and salt and pepper, blend again to combine

Serve with a sliced baguette

Children’s Verdict:

“I want another bowl”

“I love pumpkin soup”

“yummy yummy”


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