Play with Purpose

Play with Purpose!

Children love to play, and it is through active play they begin to master the fundamental skills required for prep.

Physically active games encourage children to;

  • work together towards a common goal;
  • promotes problem solving;
  • develops social skills; and
  • encourages children to use language specific to the task.

How does parachute play prepare children for prep?

Parachute games encourage cooperative, non-competitive play.

The children work together to make the parachute billow.

The success of this requires all participants to work together to establish a rhythm.

To move the parachute requires upper body strength primarily in the shoulders, arm and hand muscles.

The same upper body strength is required for correct handwriting posture and pencil control.

What does parachute play look like?

Have you ever dropped a container of popcorn?  That’s what our parachute play looks like.

The class likes to place as many balls as they can find into the middle of the parachute.

They start down low in a crouch position and then on the count of 3 everyone jumps up and pulls back on the parachute with the intention of launching as many balls as they can up into the air and off the parachute.

The class then collects all the balls and starts again. Sometimes they change it up and hide under the parachute while the balls bounce around the playground.

How to play at home.

Parachute play is not just for a classroom full of children, you can also play at home with your child using everyday items.

A table cloth or large scarf can be used to make a parachute.

If you don’t have any balls a small soft toy will work too.

Set up little challenges,  have fun and share your parachute play on our social media pages.

That’s all from Ms Patti and the Pinjins children.

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