A Precious Trust

Educators at Bright Kids ELC are accepting of culture, religion, race, needs, values and opinions. We believe that children are wonderful and should be made to feel so, they are unique individuals and develop at their own pace. It is important that children and their families are comfortable and confident with the environment and we aim to provide an extension of the child’s home.


The First Educators

The centre promotes transparent communication with parents so as to accommodate any needs of families. We also encourage information about each child to be shared between educator and parent using a portfolio method of recording the child’s achievements and individual development. Show and tell or family weekend information contribute to extending learning under the new framework.

Early Childhood Professionals

The Role of the Educator

“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction & skilful execution. It represents the choice of many alternatives.” Guiding children as they practice and learn about respectful interactions forms a basis for life long learning. Educators are supported in sharing a joint commitment and responsibility to provide the finest quality care for your children entrusted to us. All team members, regardless of their qualification, are considered to be a valuable team member.


A Child Centred Framework

The needs and interest of children provide the context of the curriculum. This “ Emergent Curriculum” responds to, expands and builds upon their ideas and interests of the children in the group, collectively and individually. The educator plays a pivotal role as co learner, facilitator and observer in an ongoing cycle process of observing, planning, action, documentation, evaluation and reflection.

The Physical Environment

The Third Teacher

The Early childhood centre is a place of inspiration and imagination that fosters learning in a creative, aesthetic and orderly ambience. The space facilitates open and flexible interactions and provide for the display of the children’s work and achievements. Children learn best in a joyful environment where they can feel happy and content. The learning spaces are designed to allow for self selection where children are supported to develop mastery over their environment.