A Precious Trust

Bright Kids Early Learning Centre is an Inclusive centre with a strong responsibility to empowering our youth. We embrace the Being, Belonging and Becoming Principals of the Early Years Learning Framework (ELYF),Queensland kindy learning guidelines ( QKLG) and the National Quality Framework (NQF). Bright Kids ELC view the importance of social and emotional development as being as conscious as learning to read and write. We are advocates for mental well-being and have dedicated an entire program to building resilience & cultivating calmness to enable our children to tap into their strengths & support systems to overcome challenges and adapt to change. The importance of happiness motivates individual activities, raises awareness, strengthens creativity & facilitates social relationships. We believe when Children’s learning is individually scaffolded, they form a sense of belonging and identity.


The First Educators

We foster ongoing communication with families developing meaningful connections to enhance learning outcomes for children and to assist in consistency between home and our Centre. Our goal is for our Educators and our Families to work together for the benefit of the child. Communication surrounding developmental milestones about each child are available by using a portfolio method of documentation and images & offering the opportunity of parent/teacher meetings. We are advocates of community involvement and support and accomplish this by supporting our families businesses, local businesses, raising funds for charities & inviting our families to partake in centre activities.

Early Childhood Professionals

The Role of the Educator

Our approach to Education is to teach children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. This empowers children to be all that they can be. Guiding children as they practice and learn about respectful interactions and communication forms a basis for lifelong learning. Our educators are not just facilitators but also co-learners. We believe we gain as much knowledge from children as they gain from us, so Listening is not just a requirement, it’s a skill. Listening to children enables them to enhance skills in areas such as their language, self-help, cognitive, mathematics, social interaction and fine/gross motor skills.
We recognise that Children learn best through creativity not through consumption. We promote play as the emphasis through a process of exploring, problem solving, social interaction & role play,


A Child Centred Framework

The needs and interest of children provide the context of the curriculum. This “Emergent Curriculum” responds to, expands and builds upon their ideas and interests of the children in the group, collectively and individually. The educator plays a pivotal role as co learner, facilitator and observer in an ongoing cycle process of observing, planning, action, documentation, evaluation and reflection. Our centre will continue to reflect, improve and evolve in relation to our Quality Improvement Plan, as needed based on feedback from the Educators, Families and Community.

The Physical Environment

The Third Teacher

Bright Kids Early Learning centre is a place of inspiration and imagination that fosters learning in a creative, aesthetic and playful ambience. Our space facilitates open and flexible interactions and provide for the display of the children’s work and achievements. Children learn best in a joyful environment where they can feel happy and content. Our learning spaces are designed to allow whole body, imaginary exploration, where children are supported to develop mastery over their environment.