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"fam.i.ly" A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.

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Hands down the best team you will ever meet!

Although not related we are of principal function of which is provision for it’s members …. our BK Educators provide a family environment for our BK children and their families.Eight of our fifteen staff are parents & nurture & teach through experience; the remaining seven, are passionate educators that have a strong desire to witness the impact they have in a child’s development, in fact that statement was collective when our educators were asked “ what brings you to work everyday’?

Bright Kids early learning centre childcare preschool manager Honey Nicodah Robbinson Gold Coast
Licensee (Service Provider)

Honey Nicodah

We are a family run boutique centre. We place the emphasis on FAMILY because although not blood related as in the basic social traditional unit, we are a group who share common attitudes, interests and goals and regard ourselves as an extension of your family. The overall well being of your little people are at the centre of our attention and we pride ourselves in fostering a positive, creative, nurturing environment.

Centre Director ( Nominated Supervisor)

Miss Jayne

I believe that each child is a unique individual, who needs a warm and friendly environment in which to learn, develop and grow. This belief is based on my personal experiences with children and their ability to learn, develop and grow when provided with a warm and friendly environment. There fore I shall continue to develop a warm and friendly environment for all children. I believe that all children need a variety of well-balanced learning experiences in their daily program that respond to the children’s strengths interests and needs.

Bright Kids early learning centre childcare Jayne Mc Conville director Nerang
Bright Kids childcare early learning centre Caitlyn Skinner best customer service Nerang
Assistant Centre Director / Educational Leader

Miss Caitlyn

I believe as Educators we are here to inspire children’s imagination and to foster their learning and development through the early years of life. Investigating and exploring through play and other creative experiences will allow children to grow and us as educator will grow and learn from them. My aim is to provide a Welcoming environment for both the children and families to allow a happy, trusting and supporting community..

Teachers Assistant Sea Turtles

Miss Lisa

I am so excited to be a part of the Bright Kids team! I have been in childcare for just over 25 years now and hold my Diploma of Children’s Services. I also have 2 adult sons who I love and adore!

I feel that all children are unique and respond well to different teaching techniques and learning experiences. Childcare is a rewarding career as it allows me to tap into each child’s unique interests and talents and extend on these to provide learning opportunities, which allow them to develop and grow. As a parent myself I understand that your children are your treasures and will always strive to provide a nurturing environment for them. As an educator I feel I can provide an environment where your children’s development will be fostered through a dynamic range of learning experiences. l feel I am a fun and friendly person who loves to have fun, and am looking forward to getting to know your children and families!

Senior Educator Dolphins / Food Safety Supervisor

Miss Janaya

I believe that all children are different and deserve an individualised approach to their care. I aim to ensure each and every child and their Family Feels accepted, welcomed and comfortable. I strive to make sure every child Feels happy, safe and valued in my care.

Bright Kids early learning childhood centre teacher educator Janaya Hanly Nerang
Bright Kids early learning centre childhood childcare teacher educator John Moss Nerang
Senior Educator Snakes / Second Assistant Director

Mr John

My belief as an educator is that all children should be given choices, responsibilities, and opportunities to initiate their own learning to develop at their own pace.

Centre Chef

Miss Peta - Lee

Providing healthy nutritious meals for children is something I am very passionate about. I believe that every child should have a well-balanced diet so they can achieve and grow to be their very best.

Bright Kids childhood early learning centre childcare preschool Peta-Lee Foster amazing centre cook Nerang
Bright Kids early learning centre childcare Nadia Tillinger teacher educator Nerang Gold Coast
Senior Educator Little Fish

Miss Nadia

My philosophy is about building on children’s interests to help facilitate their learning. I believe that each child is unique and learns in their own way therefore my approach to teaching is adaptable. I believe that strong relationships with families, carers and the community are essential in any child’s development. I think that children need comforting environments and bonds with educators for them to feel safe and secure. I believe that the best way to form these relationships is through taking time to know their interest and routines and building on this.

Educator Float

Miss Sky

Children learn and develop at an individual rate and I believe that by providing a welcoming, supportive, stimulating and homely place where the children can express their thoughts and feelings freely, gives them the best opportunity to create strong relationships, gain confidence and develop into individual and respectful young people.

Bright Kids early learning centre childhood preschool teacher educator Sky Instone Gold Coast
Bright Kids early learning centre childcare preschool qualified teacher educator Nerang Gold Coast
Educator Float

Miss Christy

I believe to provide an environment where children feel safe, secure and loved. To use a positive approach in all guidance and discipline techniques I develop good self esteem in each child. I work with staff and parents to provide a variety of cultural activities into the program. To meet the needs of each individual child I work with families in regard to any special needs required.

Educator Float

Miss Jen

As an educator I believe in supporting each child’s unique individuality. Developing, encouraging and building on their strengths to build strong independent thinking individuals. Each child has the right to feel supported in their growth and development. Children are our future

Bright Kids early learning centre childcare teacher educator Nerang Gold Coast
Bachelor of Education, Early Years Learning/ cert IV in Yoga Teacher Training
Teacher ( Bachelor of Education & Early Years Learning/ Cert IV Yoga Teacher Training)

Miss Vesna

There is a certain magic that I feel when I work with children and it is my pleasure to be part of Bright Kids Early Learning Centre. I was born into a family of teachers so it’s in my genes to teach and work with children. I have a Bachelor in Education and have been working with children aged 3 – 12 since I finished my studies 10 years ago. I was also a long time volunteer teacher in a school with children with disabilities. I strongly believe learning should be exc iting and fun, especially in the early years of development. I have also finished Certificate IV. In Yoga Teacher Training and I love to implement yoga into my teachings.  My approach is loving and caring because children need to feel safe and happy. No matter their age, I always treat them with love and respect because they are our future. And when building a future we need to invest our time, patience, love and understanding. I will always make sure your children feel safe around me, trust me and also have fun with me. Encouraging all their interests and talents and making sure they develop into people we are proud of

Educator Dolphins

Miss Teagan

My belief is that all children thrive in a safe and respectful community. As an educator, I believe in providing an environment where children can share ideas, discover their individuality and be stimulated through the resources the centre provides. I aim to work in collaboration with parent, peers and children, helping to build trust, friendship and a sense of belonging within our community. I am passionate about working with children as they are active learners, who take on all challenges through social interactions and play.

Bright Kids early learning centre childcare preschool childhood educator teacher Nerang
Educator Dolphins

Miss Natarsha

As an Educator, I believe it is my job to give the Children the love, respect and care that they need when they are in the childcare environment. As a mother of three children I feel I have a great understanding of how the children are feeling and when they need some extra love. I believe in allowing the children to direct their learning through play by allowing them to make the choice about what they want to play with, I also am a big believer in routines, if the routine is kept the same each day the children come to know what is happening and when, but also allowing for flexibility as working with children is not always predictable.

Bright Kids childcare early learning centre educator teacher Roshin Nerang
Educator Little Fish

Miss Roshin

I believe children are the ones who make this world a beautiful place. In order to support them, I strive to provide a safe, comfortable, stimulating, fun and educational environment with a structured day plans. I aim to help children develop confidence and positive self-esteem throughout their learning. I value and respect each child’s ethnicity, their cultural background, and beliefs. I will help them to learn to respect and value each person’s belief’s and ethical values. I believe that it is important to talk with children about their emotions and Reponses to events with a view to supporting their understanding of emotional regulation and self-control, explained by Kohlberg’s Moral Development theory.