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"fam.i.ly" A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.

Management team at Bright Kids ELC in Nerang, long daycare, best childcare centre
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Hands down the best team you will ever meet!

Although not related we are of principal function of which is provision for it’s members …. our BK Educators provide a family environment for our BK children and their families. Seven of our thirteen staff are parents & nurture & teach through experience; the remaining six, are passionate educators that have a strong desire to witness the impact they have in a child’s development, in fact that statement was collective when our educators were asked “ what brings you to work everyday’? 

Bright Kids early learning centre childcare preschool manager Honey Nicodah Robbinson Gold Coast
Licensee (Approved Provider)

Honey Nicodah

We are a family run boutique centre. We place the emphasis on FAMILY because although not blood related as in the basic social traditional unit, we are a group who share common attitudes, interests and goals and regard ourselves as an extension of your family. The overall well being of your little people are at the centre of our attention and we pride ourselves in fostering a positive, creative, nurturing environment.

Centre Director ( Nominated Supervisor)

Miss Caitlyn

I believe as Educators we are here to inspire children’s imagination and to foster their learning and development through the early years of life. Investigating and exploring through play and other creative experiences will allow children to grow and us as educator will grow and learn from them. My aim is to provide a Welcoming environment for both the children and families to allow a happy, trusting and supporting community..

Bright Kids childcare early learning centre Caitlyn Skinner best customer service Nerang
Bright Kids early learning centre childhood childcare teacher educator John Moss Nerang
Assistant Centre Director / Educational Leader

Mr John

All children have the right to be children and should be able to enjoy this stage of their life to the fullest. I believe in the importance of play based learning and social interactions in child development. I truly enjoy being able to help children along in their journey of learning and discovery. My aim is to create a fun filled, caring, playful, multicultural and inviting environment for all children to feel comfortable being in and have fun learning from.

Miss Patti Bachelor Early Childhood teacher at Bright Kids ELC in Nerang, Best Childcare centre, long Daycare
Bachelor of Early Childhood Teacher

Miss Patti

I believe that children are innately inquisitive, curious thinkers of the world around them. They thrive on rich engaging and active experiences which foster their development and developing sense of self. I see my role as being a facilitator; guiding, supporting and providing a caring, safe positive environment that nurture children’s development

The environment plays a key role in the success of an early childhood program. The environment enhances the children’s interests in all developmental domains. I believe learning in an early childhood setting is most successful through stations that can be visited, explored, and revisited over and over again. The environment needs to take into consideration the social skills, communication skills, physical abilities or challenges, and learning styles of the children being served.

I am committed to working in partnership with families to create open, honest and respectful relationships, as well as respecting families’ cultures and beliefs

Senior Educator OSCH and Vacation Care

Mr John currently leads these programs

Bright Kids ELC, best childcare centre, long daycare
Miss Peta-Lea centre cook at Bright kids ELC in Nerang, long daycare centre, best childcare centre
Centre Cook part-time / Nominated Food Supervisor MATERNITY LEAVE

Miss Peta - Lee

Providing healthy nutritious meals for children is something I am very passionate about. I believe that every child should have a well-balanced diet so they can achieve and grow to be their very best.

Centre cook / Nominated Food Supervisor/ Educator Float

Miss Shanny

As a chef,  I believe that healthy eating is the key to fuelling children’s bodies and minds. Positive attitudes toward food and developing healthy eating habits helps cultivate and encourage children’s growth, physical development and healthy brain functioning. Good nutrition underpins children’s holistic development and the eating habits formed in early childhood significantly influence our eating habits as adults.

As a childhood educator, my philosophy is about building on children’s interests to help facilitate their learning and supplying healthy meals to support their brain function.

Miss Shanny centre cook at Bright Kids ELC in Nerang, best childcare centre, long daycare centre.
Miss Natasha senior Educator of Dolphins room at Bright Kids ELC in Nerang, best childcare centre, long daycare
Senior Educator Float casual

Miss Natarsha

As an Educator, I believe it is my job to give the Children the love, respect and care that they need when they are in the childcare environment. As a mother of three children I feel I have a great understanding of how the children are feeling and when they need some extra love. I believe in allowing the children to direct their learning through play by allowing them to make the choice about what they want to play with, I also am a big believer in routines, if the routine is kept the same each day the children come to know what is happening and when, but also allowing for flexibility as working with children is not always predictable.

Lead Educator Little Fish room

Miss Rachel

My belief is that every child is unique, and require a stimulating educational environment in which they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. I have a strong interest in mental health and I believe it is important to ensure I give your child a warm, welcoming environment, just like home, so they feel safe and secure. I will endeavour to support your family situation and culture with open communication between myself, your family and all educator.
Miss Rachel senior Educator in Little Fish room at Bright Kids ELC in Nerang, best childcare centre, long daycare centre
Bright Kids childcare early learning centre educator teacher Roshin Nerang
Lead Educator Snakes room

Miss Roshin

I believe children are the ones who make this world a beautiful place. In order to support them, I strive to provide a safe, comfortable, stimulating, fun and educational environment with a structured day plans. I aim to help children develop confidence and positive self-esteem throughout their learning. I value and respect each child’s ethnicity, their cultural background, and beliefs. I will help them to learn to respect and value each person’s belief’s and ethical values. I believe that it is important to talk with children about their emotions and Reponses to events with a view to supporting their understanding of emotional regulation and self-control, explained by Kohlberg’s Moral Development theory.

Educator Snakes Room 2IC

Miss Coby

I believe that each child is an individual and as an educator I will value and develop each child’s strengths, interest, skills, abilities and to have the knowledge to extend their learning.

Educator, Coby, Snakes room, Bright kids ELC. in Nerang, long daycare, childcare
Miss Lauren educator at Bright kids ELC in Nerang, best childcare centre, long daycare
Lead Educator Dolphins Room (shared role)

Miss Lauren

I believe children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment. I believe children learn through play and I will provide opportunities for children to discover, explore, imagine and create. Teaching children is my passion and the goal of my program is to make their ongoing learning experience safe, positive and fun as I strive to guide them to have confidence in themselves and an excitement for continued learning.

Special Needs/ Educator Sea Turtles room

Miss Sky

Children learn and develop at an individual rate and I believe that by providing a welcoming, supportive, stimulating and homely place where the children can express their thoughts and feelings freely, gives them the best opportunity to create strong relationships, gain confidence and develop into individual and respectful young people.

Miss Skye Educator at Bright Kids ELC in Nerang, best childcare centre, long daycare
2IC / Lead Educator Dolphins Room (shared role)

Miss Ruby

As an educator, I believe that it is important for children to feel seen, be heard and feel what they say matters. I thrive on building repore and trust  with children so I can engage them in learning experiences based on what they genuinely are interested in. I believe that children  flourish  in a positive learning environment, so I endeavor to create that for them. I am so grateful for the opportunity  to be involved and to witness children fully immersed in learning , developing & discovering the world around them.

Miss Ruby senior educator at Bright Kids ELC in Nerang, long daycare centre, best childcare centre in queensland
Miss Sabrina educator float at bright Kids ELC in Nerang, best childcare centre, long daycare
Educator Little Fish room 2 IC

Miss Sabrina

As an educator I believe my job is to guide and help children creating a warm safe environment.  I believe that each child has their own right to a safe and caring environment. Not only does this helps their self-development but engages the children to develop later in life into safe respectful individuals. Each child is different in every way which makes being an educator so enjoyable.

Bright Kids ELC, best childcare centre, long daycare