Our Space

Our Space

When we talk about Our Space we are often referring to the physical 4D  kind, in this classroom. Fondly called spacetime.

But with this activity, it was all about the 3D kind, with rockets and Asteroids.

We started the week learning about planets, rockets, comets, asteroids and the moon.

We watched meteors and discovered constellations and even created  some of our own.

Children learn through play and are more confident when they are involved learners, so let the games begin…

Themed learning games

Asteroid Toss was the name of the gross motor game.

It was a gross motor inspired game to foster hand eye coordination by throwing asteroids into the window of the space shuttle.

I pre-made a rocket out of cardboard, which the children thought was fun.

Balancing an asteroid on a spoon then throwing the asteroid through the window was posing to be a little more challenging.

We modified the game as we went along.

 Asteroid Unravel was the name of our fine motor game.

The fine motor inspired game was to practice and strengthen the pincer muscles by un-wrapping the asteroid and opening the egg inside.

Inside each egg was like a kinder surprise with a picture of each planet from the Milky Way.

The children easily related to this concept and eagerly un-wrapped each egg with excitement.

This was a great way to reinforce our space vocabulary with the children using the key words, space, earth, moon, sun, rocket and astronaut throughout the activity.

Activity at home

If you would like to play this game at home you’ll need:

  • a cardboard box;
  • aluminum foil for the asteroids
  • a container to toss the asteroids into; and
  •  a large kitchen spoon to toss the asteroid.

Any box will do, i used my Hello Fresh one to cut a hole in.

You can place anything into the aluminum before you scrunch them up to make the astroids; and

the spoon idea is to add another level to their hand eye coordination, but they can just throw them with their hands. Either way it enhances their hand eye coordination and brain gym. If you have a kinesthetic learner, they might prefer the second option.

Have fun. Would love to hear how you go, even drop us a line in the comments on this blog.

That’s all from Mr John, Miss Coby and the Jom-Gwongs until next month

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