Little Fish Bright Kids Blog #1

What’s been happening in the Little Fish (Burranan) room?

To nurture and develop our tiny tots, ranged between six weeks to eighteen months, we run two different developmental programs.

Developmental Milestones

We get to enjoy and observe the greatest milestones out of any other age group.

Let’s look at the Milestones for 6 months: You may find it hard to believe, but you’ve made it halfway through your infants first year! Motor Skills. Your baby is starting to sit up alone, can roll from their back to their stomach and vice versa, is learning to communicate and eat solid foods.

This month we are documenting crawling, rolling over, pulling up to standing position with the aid of furniture, working on our balance and self feeding skills.

Walking in walkers is always exciting, hearing basic words and ball skills with the older toddlers.

Group Time

Yes! We even have group time in this room.

We read stories and nursery rhymes, we count, learn colours and teach animals with hand puppets and sounds.

The beauty of our children being different ages is the fact their sleep times differ. This gives us the regular opportunity to work one on one.

Separation Anxiety

We have lots of new little friends building relationships with us.

Happy to give us a cuddle and wave bye byes to mummy or daddy.

We encourage parents book bubs in at least two days a week for consistency. This aids the children to settle in quicker than if they were only attending one day a week.

Fine Motor with Art Activities

The Colour green is what we are focusing on at the moment.

We explored playing with all the different green resources in the room, using green cookie cutters to do some stamping with green paint, we made paper plate turtles out of light and dark green paper, we did a big group collage with all different green crafts to stick down.

We will extend on this by venturing outdoors to our environmental yard to collect some leaves for some leaf stamping, sand colouring, rock painting on the chalk station and more. Which we are very excited about.

Until next time, that’s all from Miss Nadia and Miss Roshin

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