Nature Play

Nature Play at its best

When we think of Nature play we think playing in the dirt or going for bush walks or exploring in a forest.

In this case, we are referring to simply playing in the rain.

What child doesn’t enjoy the thrill and the naughtiness of getting wet when we are always encouraging them to avert from the rain.

Our spontaneous play unfolded like this…

The outdoor play area had been set up ready for a days play.

Excitement filled the room when outdoor play was mentioned.

We stepped outside with anticipation when the sky opened up and smashed their picture.

Considering it was a relatively warm day, i asked the children if they would like to stay and play….I didn’t even get an answer.

They ran in the opposite direction, laughing and squealing and finding puddle after puddle to splash in.

As the rain incrementally got heavier we moved our play into the sandpit, lining our buckets along the side to collect the water.

We continued to explore and dug a little river for the water to run off into.

So many benefits to playing in the rain;

  • Children connect with all weather nature has to offer;
  • Helps children’s motor skills;
  • Helps with balance ability and coordination as the surface is more slippery;
  • Children are exposed to different sensory experiences;
  • They are learning the difference between a wet and dry day; and
  • They are learning all about water through their chosen method of playing in it.

That’s all from me

until next time

Mr John.

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  • Amber says:

    I loved this… to me.. and my children … it’s only water!! It’s the middle of summer, u have clean dry clothes in your bag!! ‘Dancing in the rain’ always comes to mind!! I love that you are not teaching our kiddies to be ‘fragile’! to weather!! Keep doing what you do best guys!!

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