More schools are incorporating resilience programs for this purpose. We are the only child care on the coast rolling out a resilience program which is recognised by the World Health Organisation and is curriculum based. We see this as an extremely valuable tool in preparing children for a smooth transition into their preparatory year of formal schooling.

We roll out the program in our pre prep room in March and we hold a parent information night to explain the program and bring you onto the same page as your child, to enable you to reflect the same language at home. Positive reinforcement is the key to successful sustainability. We roll out a more age appropriate version in Snakes in August in readiness for when they move into pre prep the following year. A parent information night is held once again for the same purpose.

We encourage you to engage in conversations with your child/children about the resilience program and invite you to speak to the educators or the kindy teacher if you have questions. It’s the start of a mindful life long journey and you will enjoy watching your children flourish.

Watch the video to see the Resilience program in action.