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Growth Mindset printable for resilience program at brightkids ELC in Nerang, best childcare centre, long daycare
Grit and Growth Mindset
Mindset Checklist
Gratitude Nature Walk
Anti-Bullying Checklist

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Mindful Kids

Children are natural learners. They love having the chance to be still and to connect to their own wisdom mind.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness means paying attention, on purpose, to what’s happening right now, without judging things as good or bad. In mindfulness practice, you become curious about your experiences in a friendly way. You notice the details of whatever is happening through present-moment awareness.

How does this help you?
When you use your present-moment awareness to notice and identify what’s going on inside you — your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations — you can begin to respond to your stress with strategies that calm you down and improve your health and happiness.

What you practise you get very good at, Practising Mindfulness develops Kindness, Focus and calmness.

Start the day strong. Has a child in your life woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Use breathing and visualization activities to help them notice their mood and release any grumpy feelings or worries.

Create your own mindful awareness checklist?

Reflect on your day, Did you have an awesome day today?

Practise gratitude by helping your child share three things they were grateful for that day, could be as simple as having you as their mum & dad.