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Miss Rachel is your Lead Educator in the The Little Fish (Jalumm) room. Jalumm meaning fish in Yugambeh Language, which is the language our Indigenous region. Miss Rachel is a mother of 7  children with several years experience in the childcare industry. The combination of her nurturing motherly instincts and her passion for mental wellbeing and development delivers Rachel the sound knowledge of what children need, when they need it and how to facilitate the co-learning for each child to each their developmental milestones. Miss Sabrina teams up with Miss Rachel, bringing a freshness of her love of children and  nurturing growth, which places her in the perfect age group to develop her skills further as an educator.

We foster self development at your child’s pace.

Educators will respond to cues and signals in relation to the children’s fine and gross motor skills, their communication and their interests. Routines are based along your child’s individual needs, understanding a child’s history, upbringing and culture enables the educator to connect with your child. Art and exploring indoor/ outdoor environments are interactive learning experiences on a daily basis as development is a joint function between child and environment.

Because of the developmental stages in this age frame (6 wks – 18 mths) the educators pivot with your child enhancing and developing the stages of where your child is at. From 12 months on wards, the children sleep in low beds in readiness for the dolphin room. Self feeding is also encouraged.

Our Specialised programs “Mindful Kids” resilience; “Empowering Our Youth” Aboriginal inspired and “Bush Kindy” nature inspired are all rolled out in this room in a modified version.

The colour psychology behind the colour Green in the room, brings restfulness, self respect, well being and balance.