Literacy in Action


Literacy in Action “ We’re going on a Bear hunt”

Active learning helps children build positive disposition towards learning, as we all learn differently.

It encourages:

  • Increasing confidence;
  • Engagement; and
  • Involvement in learning;
  • Development of curiosity;
  • Problem solving;
  • Creative thinking; and
  • Investigation processes.

As Active learners, children are developing understandings of themselves and their world, and creating their ideas through imaginative and dramatic play.

Literacy in action provides learning for visual, audio and especially Kinesthetic learners.

The Key focus :

  1. Building positive dispositions towards learning by identifying and imagining ways to use voice;
  2. Language;
  3. Gestures;
  4. Costumes; and
  5. Props related to roles in dramatic play.

Creating a literacy rich environment….

provides children with opportunities to explore and use literacy throughout their daily routines.

Literacy in action provides opportunities for engaging in emergent literacy behaviours, in a meaningful and authentic way.

‘We’re Going on a Bear hunt’ is a favourite story amongst the pre-prep children and is requested almost weekly.

Prior to this experience the children have listened to the story multiple times, experimented with how to move to the action words.

They have a good understanding of the language used through the story and the sequence of events, which makes it a valuable learning resource.

This week the children brought the book to life through dramatic play.

The children collected objects and resources from around the centre and repurposed them, transforming the classroom into the scenes that represented each obstacle the family came upon during their bear hunt.

The children then physically negotiated each scene, acting out the story using the text as a guide.

They stepped across the river, into the mud, through the forest and into the cave as the story was retold.

The children loved the large-scale of the dramatic play scenario and continued long after the story had ended.

Creating their own sequence of events and adapting the story with their own words.

Follow up experiences were provided to the children through a small world table, and an action song.

This experience follows the ‘Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline’ and is easy for you to re-enact at home with your child’s favourite story.

That’s all from me, until next week

Miss Patti ( Bachelor of Early Childhhood Teacher)

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