Miss Shanny centre cook at Bright Kids ELC in Nerang, best childcare centre, long daycare centre.
Centre cook / Nominated Food Supervisor

Miss Shanny

As a passionate cook,  I believe that healthy eating is the key to fueling children’s bodies and minds.

Positive attitudes toward food and developing healthy eating habits helps cultivate and encourage children’s growth, physical development and healthy brain function. Good nutrition underpins children’s holistic development and the eating habits formed in early childhood significantly influence our eating habits as adults.

As a childhood educator, my philosophy is about building on children’s interests to help facilitate their learning and supplying healthy meals to support their brain function.

Miss Peta-Lea centre cook at Bright kids ELC in Nerang, long daycare centre, best childcare centre
Centre cook / Nominated Food Supervisor

Miss Peta - Lea

I have a real passion for cooking and baking, there’s just so much fun in creating beautiful delicious dishes.

I believe Children need to be fueled with nutritious brain food. I cook on premise, fresh daily because Home cooked, preservative free meals  gives our children the best opportunity to focus and absorb what they are learning with a supported nervous system.

When creating the 6 week rotation menus for each season, I follow the Nutritional Australia guidelines. I’m always happy to chat about recipes, so please feel free to ask any questions as you walk past the kitchen doors.

Our Awards

Kitchen with 5 Star Rating

We have been rated 5 stars for FOOD SAFETY by the Gold Coast City council. 

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