In our class

In our class

The beginning of a new school year can be challenging.

New teacher, new classroom and new classmates.

One way to overcome this initial challenge is to invite the children to participate in developing the classroom expectations as a collective.

By providing the class with this sense of empowerment, they are more likely to follow the classroom  guidelines.

Up lifting and  empowering children with choices and involvement is part of our ‘Mindful Kids’ Resilience program.

‘Mindful Kids’ is about having  the capacity to deal with change and adversity, to regulate emotions through breathwork and resilience tools, harness a growth and grit mindset and build positive peer relationships.

During the first week of Term I shared with the class a list of expectations.

Each expectation was elaborated on and an example was given of how that expectation would look in our classroom.

Over the next week the class identified the 8 expectations that they felt would make their classroom a friendly and fun environment.

Class Guidelines

We are kind.

We are a team.

We celebrate each other’s success.

We take turns.

We try our best.

We learn from our mistakes.

We encourage.

We try new things.

Each morning before we start our focused learning experiences these expectations are revisited along with our “Growth Mindset song”.

Test your child’s memory

Ask your child to explain our classroom expectations and why we have them or ask them to show you our visual display in the classroom.

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