How to strengthen fine motor skills

How to strengthen fine motor skills

Improved writing skills have a lot to do with creative play and leisure activities are a great outlet for children to foster quiet time.

Beading is an excellent activity that promotes children’s’ development in the following areas:

* Improved fine motor, visual perceptual, visual motor and cognitive skills

* Improved dressing skills (especially clothing fasteners, like buttons and zippers)

* Improved pencil grasp and pencil control during colouring and writing activities

* Improved visual perception and better planning

Fine Motor Skills:

Smaller beads encourage children to use their pincer grasp, thus strengthening the small muscles of their hands.

In-hand manipulation skills:

Many components of making a beaded craft increase strength and coordination in the small hand and finger muscles

Visual Perceptual Skills:

Visual Discrimination, Scanning, Visual Memory:

The child must be able to remember the beading pattern to determine the bead they want to use.

Once they know what bead they want, visual discrimination assists them in selecting the bead that fits their mental image of the desired bead.

Finally, the child must scan across many different beads before finding the desired bead.

Visual Motor Skills:

Eye-Hand coordination: Threading beads onto a string involves bilateral coordination of the child’s hands, and requires their eyes and hands to work together.

Cognitive Skills:

Planning: What style of necklace does the child want to make? What pattern or colours will they choose?
Math Skills: How long will my necklace, bracelet, or key chain need to be? How many beads do I need to complete this project?

How can I create and maintain this beading pattern?

Encouraging children to think through these functional maths problems is a motivating way to improve academic skills in this area.

Social Skills:

Beading can provide a sense of accomplishment in completing a project that offers freedom of self-expression and camaraderie with other party-goers.

This sense of “Occupational Fulfilment” can contribute to improved self-esteem.

Beading Parties promote sharing and cooperation, as children choose beads and complete their projects in a group setting.

Extra Bonus; they get to take home their own necklace or bracelet instead of a bag of lollies.


Beading is just plain fun and fun is good for kids.

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