First Responders

First Responders Day

First Responders Day is the industry’s way of thanking Australian police, firefighters, medical and health workers, for their dedication in keeping us safe.

We are never too young to learn about our community workers and acknowledge our First Responders.

Especially this year with fires following floods in several states. Learning about our First Responders has been essential priority.

We learnt that fire fighters put out fires and help get people to safety, health workers help us to get better when we are sick, and police help keep us safe if we are ever need help.

What we did next

During our group time we watched a short age appropriate clip on what first responders do.

To follow on from this we painted templates depicting doctors, nurses, ambulances and stethoscopes with water colours.

Each child was given the opportunity to choose which Picture they would like to paint, giving children the choice allows them to build confidence in their decision-making.

We decided to Paint our pictures using watercolour paint disks which was a great way to introduce a science concept into our activity.

The children had to add water to the coloured disk to activate the colour while we worked on their colour recognition skills.

Once the colour was activated the children used fine brushes to apply the paint to the picture.

The use of fine brushes extended on the children’s fine motor development and hand control. The children were very proud of their work of art.

When children work together on projects their interactions increase with conservation.

Throughout the experience we talked about how first responders help us and how important they are for our community.

Role Play

Following children’s interests, we got out our doctors set and extended on this topic further.

Each child got to choose their role in the play, we saw some children putting on the doctor’s coat with the stethoscope in their ears and off to find a patient while other children were happy to play the role of the patient.

The “doctors” took on a very caring role and showed great empathy towards their “patients”.

The role-play then developed into the baby dolls being sick and needing to care for them.

The children worked as a team to;

  • check their heartbeat;
  • cover the babies with a blanket;
  • babies were put to bed to rest; and
  • the rest of the class were told to “sushhh”, so baby could sleep.

Having the children extend on their own learning creates a sense of meaning behind the choices they make.

That’s all from Miss Tarsh and the Gawandi’s until next month

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