Favourite Activity this week

Favourite activity this week in Little Fish was:

Sponge Squeezing

Strengthening our finger muscles starts with this age group.

The sponge squeezing activity is a perfect sensory, exploration activity in our outdoor environment on the veranda.

To teach our children in concrete at this age, is easiest through visual  learning. I firstly demonstrated to the children how to squeeze the sponge to release the water.

Filling up our large blue trough and placing it on the ground, allowed all the children to kneel around the trough at the same time.

All our children learn at a different pace, some have older siblings and are in there having a go after one or two examples by me. Others watch their peers and then give it a go, which is what i love about collaborative peer learning.

There were lots of giggles and excitement with this activity.

Our favourite activity learning through play today, allowed the children to explore at their own pace, strengthen their pincer muscles and improve concentration, coordination and independence.

If you would like to try this at home and extend on this activity, here are a few easy tips:

  • Fill up a bucket or  trough with the water and put some sea sponges or kitchen sponges in it;
  • Let them sit for a bit so sponges are fully absorbed;
  • Add food colouring ( optional)
  • Transfer to paper and make a sponge painting ( extended learning)

That’s all from me until next week

Miss Roshin

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