Empowering Our Youth

Empowering Our Youth with our Culture

This month the sea turtles have been immersed in the Yugambeh Language via the Yugambeh Museum – Language is schools’ program.

This program is supported through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts program with the aim to revive the Yugambeh Language in this region.

Yugambeh (yoo-gum-bear) is the dialect spoken by Aboriginal family groups within the area.

The area we are referring to is bordered by Tweed River to the south, Gold Coast to the city of Logan and Oxley Creek to the north and west.

Our Quest

Borobi (koala) the official mascot from the 2018 Commonwealth games has been taking the class with him on his quest.

His quest is to bring back the Yugambeh language through the use of engaging stories and activities.

We accepted Borobi’s challenge to use Yugambeh language in our classroom environment daily; over the past month we have have learnt:

  • How to count to 10;
  • identify animals; and
  • label body parts

The class participated in Borobi Day, singing happy birthday in Yugambeh to Borobi who then taught us 10 new words;

including Minyagu (how are you) Bunburra (beach) Gwong (rain/water).

Our favourite experience

Has been learning to sing Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

To extend on this experience the children made a poster with each child illustrating an action.

Children’s songs naturally lend themselves to working on 2nd language development through building vocabulary, repetition, language memory and creativity.

Songs with actions are particularly beneficial.

By pointing at things you are saying or performing the actions that are sung, children will learn to associate the words they are saying with the movements they are making.

Sing along at home 

(Baul, Wallgunn, Gindil, Jenung (head, shoulders, knees and toes in Yugambeh)

Verse 1 Baul, Wallagunn, Gindil, Jenung, Gindil, Jenung x 2

(head, shoulders, knees, toes, knees, toes x 2)

Ngulli Wumgin Dunngunn Karulbo

(we bring hands altogether)

Verse 2 Mi, Penung, Jeng, Moro x 2

(eyes, ears, mouth, nose)

Ngulli Wumgin Dunngunn Karulbo

(we bring hands altogether)

That’s all from Ms Patti and the Sea Turtles

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