Empowering Our Youth

Empowering Our Youth blog #1

Empowering Our Youth is our very own Indigenous program we run every Thursday.

The program exposes children to the relevant culture of our Indigenous people of Australia and around the world.

It was originally inspired two years ago by our Indigenous children we had in centre.

Observing  four year old’s play together harmoniously, no matter the skin colour or  heritage, demonstrated Inclusion.

Learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, allows children to develop respect for diversity and understanding of Cultural difference.

The inclusion of Indigenous content has be shown to improve educational outcomes of Indigenous students, hence the title of our program.

During Today’s lesson

We introduced the children to Aboriginal symbols through the way of Flash Cards today.

We went through each card one by one as a  group experience on the mat.

The children were captivated with the symbols and how they are used for ‘Dreamtime story’ as in the traditional Indigenous culture.

We displayed the cards on the table where we all sat around conversing and viewing them more closely.

What happened Next….

I invited the children to select cards that would become our very own ‘Dreamtime Story’.

The selected symbols were drawn onto three large pieces of paper and each child contributed equally to the writing/drawing of the story.

The experience sparked conversations with the children about the symbols meaning and purpose.

Once the story was complete, the children used a specific set of coloured paints to practice the Aboriginal art of dot painting onto the story.

During the process we talked with the children about the symbols, again referencing back to the flash cards.

The children were excited to hear their own ‘Dreamtime Story’ come to life and were  active with their communication throughout the entire experience.

The artwork itself is now displayed on the wall, as the trunk of our ‘Belonging’ Tree.


Experiences and engagements such as these, develop the childrens’ interest in their own cultures and others’ cultures and heritages.

The purpose of repeating words, a  concept or a skill allows children to form an understanding and even attempt to imitate it.

Children may repeat words back to you as they learn them, and will learn letters and words by repeatedly seeing them written down.

That’s all from us, until next time.

Miss Alesdra and Miss Jen

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