Empowered By Our Culture

Empowered by our culture,

By honouring the land in which we were given here at Bright kids, by understanding and paying respects to the traditional custodians of past, present and emerging. Collaborating with Elder Uncle Allen in ‘Empowering our Youth’.

We honour the land by starting with our tribe and language….. Situated in Nerang, we are a part of ‘ Kombumerri tribe’ and our language spoken is ‘ Yugambeh ‘.

Who are the Yugambeh Language people?

The Yugambeh language people are the traditional custodians of the land located in south-east Queensland and north-east New South Wales. More specifically  Logan City to Tweed City regions whose ancestors all spoke one or more dialects of the Yugambeh Language.

Uncle Allan Lena is an elder of the Yugambeh Language group. He kicked off our cultural awareness and learning experiences last week with the focus on Counting in Yugambeh.

Uncle also showed the children counting stones. Each stone was painted with a symbol which corresponded to a number.

Educators will be incorporating Yugambeh Language counting in their daily program to further extend on Uncle Allan’s teachings.

Practise with your children, ask them to teach you.

Tip: The Yugambeh counting system is composed of the numbers 1-5 which is arranged in different combinations to make the numbers 6-10.

  • One : Yabru
  • Two : Bula
  • Three : Yabru-bula
  • Four : Bula-bula
  • Five : Dunngunn
  • Six : Dunngunn-yabru
  • Seven : Dunngunn-bula
  • Eight : Dunngunn-bula-yabru
  • Nine : Dunngunn-bula-bula
  • Ten : Bula-dunngunn

In the Sea Turtles room, the children created a number line using the Yugambeh language.

They have been counting in Yugambeh each morning and have made;

  1. A class set of counting stones, using river stones; and
  2. They painted large coloured dots on A4 paper to represent each number to display on the wall.

If you would like to create your own counting stones you’ll need:

  1. A small bag of river stones from Bunnings or visit your local creek and scout your own
  2. Fine paintbrushs
  3. Acrylic paint for numbering and painting.

We are excited to learn more of the Yugambeh Language and look forward to our next visit from Elder Uncle Allen.

That’s all from Miss Patti, Miss Sky and the Sea Turtles

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