Dolphins final blog 2019

Whats been Happening in the Dolphins Room?

We have been so busy in our room, but before we welcome the new year we wanted to share all our developmental Milestones.

We have been working towards:

  • Helping our children strengthen and achieve new developments within their language skills, toileting and self-help skills.
  • Extending on the children interests with imaginative play.
  • Promoting  fine motor skills through sensory play
  • recapping on learning basics ready for transitioning

Sensory play allows us to assist the children in their developmental milestones as we connect with the children in a more holistic and natural environment.

Colours, Shaping & Counting

As we gear up for the end of the year, our group time learning has started including key elements for their next stage in the snake’s room.

Each day we have been focusing on including shapes, colours and counting up to 10, before expanding on the children’s interests.

Over the last 4 weeks our children have loved:

  • all things fire trucks
  • singing cheeky monkeys as well as body parts,
  • key words to strengthen their verbal language skills
  • drawings on the board, spontaneously lead from the children.

It has been wonderful to see the children collaborate as we sing songs together consolidating our key learnings of shapes, counting and colours

Celebrating Voice, Treaty, Truth

The dolphin’s children have been learning lots about the aboriginal heritage:

  • dot painting stones to display different animal tracks
  • creating beautiful art and instruments relating to the Yugambeh tribe.
  • created boomerangs, how to throw them and what their sole purpose is.
  • listening to dreamtime stories about the dolphin and rainbow snake at group times
  • learning some local Yagambeh language.
  • connecting the children to the ways of our Yugambeh elders.

The children’s most loved key words were “Yugambeh”, “Jingeri” for hello and  “Meow” for eyes.

Dreamtime stories have led to a lot of child based conversations about the different Australian animals and colours found in the aboriginal artwork.

A highlight was using our sensory and fine motor skills by painting with our hands and feet. We created the aboriginal and Torres strait islander flag which proudly adorns  our door.

Tapping into our feelings and emotions

Carrying on from the previous week we started to tap into the key emotions our toddlers have started to express lately.

Using books, flash cards and mirrors helps them to understand their emotions and the neutrality of them.

Thats all from me for 2019

We have had a magical year with the children,

We look forward to doing it all over again next year with the Little Fish children moving up.

Happy New Year

Miss Teagan

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