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O ur Senior Educator of Dolphins ( Gowonda) Miss Natarsha,Β  is studying diploma. She brings her knowledge and her maternal, nurturing instincts to this age group with zest.

Outdoor playΒ : The undercover verandah is available to Dolphins for the use of indoor/outdoor curriculum to facilitate the environment learning.

In this room we encourage self-help, learning to eat with cutlery, sitting still at group time, learning days of the week, colours, counting to 5, farm animals, singing good morning in 6 different languages and educators use positive virtues to converse with the children.

The EYLF stands for Early Years Learning Framework and represents the choice of many alternatives. Guiding children as they practice and learn about respectful interactions forms a basis for life long learning.

There is a colour psychology behind why we decided to splash our walls with colour, blue also seeks peace, tranquillity and mental relaxation.