Dolphin Room Blog #1

Embracing Our Diverse Culture

Our aim is to participate in a variety of diverse events to encourage the children to become more culturally diverse and open to engaging in learning and becoming independent.

The children thoroughly enjoyed embracing our diverse cultural background this week by painting flags with the aboriginal dot painting technique, drawing our family portraits emphasising cultural backgrounds, creating Chinese lanterns and devouring some yummy Chinese fried rice.

We highlighted the week by celebrating Waitangi Day with Silver Fern print outs, practising our fine motor with colouring, learning new words such as Kia Hora “Hello” and listening to Kiwi Kids music whilst enjoying free play.

The Six Benefits Of Free Play:

  • Builds creativity and ability to come up with unique ideas
  • Develops motor planning skills, helping the child to create and carry out ideas
  • Fosters decision making skills
  • fosters independence
  • Develops social skills and collaborative play skills.

Self Help Skills

Self-independence plays an important role in building children’s confidence to explore the wider world and let the children feel comfortable to take on each day.

The children have enjoyed being independent by exploring and building on their self-help skills with educator assistance.

Many of our friends have enjoyed learning about washing hands when we coming in from play or before meal times; this has allowed the children to interact with the children and educators from the Jom-Gwong room which they may not often see.

We have also been doing very well in learning how to empty our plates after meal times and learning about where we can locate our drink bottles throughout our Kindy day. Self-help skills your children are learning in the Gowonda room can be easily be carried into your homes as well. You may find that your child may be more resistant towards the idea (which is totally fine!!) or they may flourish with taking on their independence without hesitation.

Weekly Focus

Our main focus of this week is to allow the children to get use to their surroundings and their daily routine without the troubles of frustration or over stimulation.

Many of the children have been very eager this week to explore the new play areas and toys on offer. Children gravitated to the dinosaur table, which has enticed various amounts of child lead conversations and group play.

The children have been using the dinosaur play table as a safety net where they often drift back to, expand their play from or establish connections between friends and educators.

In nature kids develop their brains through imaginative, innovative, whole body experiences that research has shown, are linked to higher cognitive function. The children were in their element this week, with the weather soaring to high temps, we took to the mud pit and water play in the sustainability yard.

Fine Motor Skills With Art

The children have started to develop and broaden their fine motor skills through art activities, such as drawing, colouring and painting.

We have facilitated art experiences for the children to explore their identity and self-image.

With emphasis on our body parts, expanding our learning with hand prints, our height and what makes us different to our friends. Painting our family portraits with a focus on hair and eye colour.

That’s all from Miss Teagan and Miss Tarsh, until next month.

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