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What is Conscious Parenting

Parenting is deeply rewarding but challenging none the less.

It can be easy to slip into habitual patterning and conditional thinking with negative results for both our children and ourselves.

So, how can we grow with our children and enjoy every stage? Two words… Conscious Parenting!

Conscious parenting is nurturing more;

  • Authentic;
  • Fulfilled; and
  • Self aware children.

It’s about letting go of egos, desires and attachments from the parent.

Focus on your own language, expectations and emotional self regulation. Be intentional about the parenting decisions you make.

“When we try to teach children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about”

Be open to learning from your children because when we are open, we learn as much from them as they do from us.

I came across this article on “WebMD” which delves into the different parenting styles.

How Conscious Parenting Compares With Other Styles

Conscious parenting is relationship-based, but many traditional parenting styles are considered power-based approaches:

  1. Authoritarian style. Authoritarian parents make a lot of demands of their children but lack responsiveness. They may lean toward hostility or harsh punishment. They may also expect compliance without explaining why. There’s little to no communication between authoritarian parents and their children about the child’s upbringing and expectations for their behavior.
  2. Permissive style. Permissive parents are warm but neglectful. They may not set firm limits, may not monitor children’s activities closely enough, or may not require mature behavior of children. Children raised under a permissive style tend to be impulsive, rebellious, aimless, domineering, aggressive, and low in self-reliance, self-control, and achievement.
  3. Uninvolved style. Uninvolved parents are totally unresponsive, unavailable, and rejecting. Children raised with uninvolved parents tend to have low self-esteem and little self-confidence. They tend to seek other, sometimes inappropriate, role models to substitute for a parent’s neglect.

How to Become a Conscious Parent

Anyone can be a conscious parent, whether you already have children, are expecting, or are just thinking ahead.

The first step is to identify the habits that are damaging to a conscious parent. Then, take action to put the new parenting style into place and keep it up.

Here are some practical tips for the new conscious parent:

  1. Boost your child’s self-esteem. Praising achievements and capabilities, no matter how small, will make your child feel proud. Let them do things independently so they feel capable and strong. Avoid belittling comments or comparing your child unfavorably with another, as this can make children feel worthless.
  2. Speak carefully. What you say matters, remember that words are powerful, especially to young minds. A conscious parent chooses their language carefully and with compassion. When your child makes a mistake, let them know that everyone makes mistakes and that you still love them, even if you don’t love their behavior. Avoid making loaded statements or using words as weapons.

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Until next time, be the change you want to see.

Honey-Nicodah Robbinson

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