Celebrating Our Native Culture

Celebrating Our Native Culture

Naidoc week is about celebrating our native culture, history and achievements of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We celebrate and honour our native culture for this annual community event by  highlighting our respect for diversity. Our celebrations may only be for a week but our teachings are on-going.

Through our weekly  ‘Empowering Our Youth’ Aboriginal Inspired program, we:

  • Recite the acknowledgment of country every morning;
  • We explore a variety of Indigenous art and craft activities;
  • Learn aboriginal symbols;
  • Dance along to didgeridoo based music with  clap sticks, maracas and tambourines; and
  • Read aboriginal Dreamtime stories and cultural books at group time.

This years theme for NAIDOC Week  was “Heal Country”.


Bringing focus and awareness to different aspects of Indigenous Australian experiences we;

  • Painted a Torres Strait island flag after having a discussion on the symbols of the Torres Strait island flag.
  • Created an Aboriginal wreath,
  • Dot painted and
  • Sent the children on an Aboriginal symbol hunt.

The hunt was a fun way to encourage the children to match the symbols provided. We trailed the  symbols throughout the entire main yard sticking them in various places.

We also joined in with Nangara Community Group with a series of virtual cultural experiences such as:

  • Traditional Torres Strait Island Music Session by Cecelia Wright;
  • Aboriginal Song and Story Telling by Paul Burragun – Uncle Boomerang;
  • The Nana Magic Show by Uraine Roelofs; and
  • The Traditional Torres Strait Island Cooking Session with Cecelia Wright.

Favourite Activity

Our most popular activity of the Naidoc week was cooking  “Sabee Sabee Domboy”.

To finish off the week we joined in with  Cecelia Wright and Althea for a live broadcast from Thursday Island in Torres Strait.  The children sat there engaged and excited to be experiencing a live cooking segment and were equally inspired to make their own.

As a follow on experience, our ‘Junior Master Chefs’  rolled the dough into snakes and then pinched off small pieces to make the dumplings.  We prepared the hot portion of the recipe then cooked the dumplings  in the pumpkin/coconut mixture.  The Sabee Sabee Domboy, dumplings in pumpkin and coconut milk was  served warm and as you can imagine, was a much talked about highlight.

Following the cooking segment, Althea read a book she has written about life on Thursday Island.

We explored different cultural experiences during ‘Naidoc week’ which provided the children with opportunities to develop their understanding and empathy skills by responding to diversity with respect.

That’s all from Miss Roshin, Miss Coby and the Jomgwongs this month.

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