Snakes final blog 2019

What’s been happening in the Snakes (Jom-Gwong) room…

We’ve been spending a lot of time engaging the children and extending on their interests.

Following up on our group time learning with:

  • Alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours.
  • Empowering our Youth Indigenous program
  • Resilience mindfulness and understanding emotions

 Literacy and Numeracy 

The latter half of the year we  have 1 on 1 time with the children revising and consolidating the learning from the last 7 months..

It provides an accurate end of year report as well as an indication for us as educators how well our program is fairing.

Tip for parents

Working as a team to help consolidate your childrens learnings will propel them forward in leaps and bounds.

A sneak peak at the program wall prior to collecting your mini me will help stimulate conversation on the ride home.

Asking questions to see what your child has retained for the day develops memory skills.

“What letter are you learning this week’?

“What things start with that letter”?

“What shape is that”?

“How many people are standing there”?

“What colour is the car next to us”?

These simple questions engage your children, get them using their brain and remembering what they have been learning, sometimes it’s the simple things that can be the most effective.

Expanding on Children’s interests

At the beginning of each week at our group time session we talk to the children about the things that are engaging their thoughts and creativity.

We then facilitate those interests to develop our program for the week with games, activities and art projects, tying those into our learning too.

That’s all from Mr John and Miss Sally for this year.

Happy New year

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