Little Fish Final Blog 2019

This year has gone incredibly fast. We find ourselves writing our last blog for 2019 on the 11th hour.

So, for the last time this year….What’s been happening in the Little Fish (Burranan) room?

Developmental Milestones

Babies IQ grow at an amazingly rapid rate during their first year of life.

In addition to babies’ physical growth in height and weight, babies also go through major achievement stages, referred to as developmental milestones.

Developmental milestones are easily identifiable skills that the baby can perform, such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling and walking.

Babies tend to follow the same progression through these milestones; however, no two babies go through these milestones at exactly the same time.

There is a range of time when a specific developmental milestone will be accomplished (for example, babies learn to walk independently between 9-16 months of age).

Babies also spend different amounts of time at each stage before moving on to the next stage.

Our  documentation focus in this room is crawling, rolling over, sitting up practice, tummy time, pulling up to standing position with the aid of furniture, walking with walkers, working on our balance, walking without any assistance and self-feeding skills.

Achievements with developmental milestones

We are like proud parents to say the least. Playing our positions passionately certainly comes with it’s own rewards.

Over the past few weeks, we now have:

  • a clever little walker
  • two little crawlers,
  • two learning to sit up unassisted, holding their bottles and eating more chunkier food.
  • We have children learning to pull themselves to standing position with the aid of furniture,
  • walking with walkers
  • and first steps were taken

Self Help Skills

At this time of year we have many children transitioning to Dolphins, so we start to focus steadfastly on their self-help skills by letting them hold the cutlery at the meal times, drink from a cup and encourage cleaning up after their meal.

Using manners and being kind is key learning at this age as they move into the resilience program in Dolphins.  Words such as ‘sorry’ , ‘Please’ & ‘Thank you’ are a good place to start.

Group Time

Our little group time in the Little Fish room, allows the children to learn collectively, develop strong social skills, and share in experiences.

This time is essential for forming classroom communities.

Group time activities for our babies often include: story time, music and movement, language activities, and art and craft.

The beauty of our children being different ages is their sleep times differ, this gives us the regular opportunity to work one on one with the children and do multiple group times throughout the day.

We learn body parts and facial expressions through mirror play, read stories and nursery rhymes with lots of hand actions, encouraging the children to follow along with the actions. We also learn about colours through flash cards and objects in the room and we count and teach animals with hand puppets and sounds.

Fine Motor with Art Activities

Extending on farm animals and sea creatures, the little fish children found themselves engaged in a variety of activities every day.

They got all excited about the different sounds the animals made and thrived on activities such as the ‘milking cow’ activity. In this activity the children learnt how to milk a cow using our finger tips to squeeze the milk out from glove filled with milk.

Another favourite was the underwater sea activity out in the big yard. We filled the trays with water and under water sea creatures and encouraged water play.

Our last variety was all about transportation which was an extension of farm living. The bubble wrap road was set up on the floor so children could explore the bubble wrap road, using the toy cars to pop the bubbles out.  We enjoyed this as much as the children.

Gross Motor in the Big Yard and Veranda

With a lot of the children progressing with their developmental milestones and learning to walk, we have been exploring our gross motor skills both on the veranda and out in the big yard.

The children explore a range of different activities on the veranda such as the balance beam, sea-saws, walkers, stepping stones and riding bikes.

Out in the big yard the children really get to challenge themselves, climbing up and down the fort, sliding down the slide, climbing in and out of the sandpit and climbing through the tunnel, allowing the children to explore the big yard gives them great confidence, helps build their independence and pushes their bravery skills.

That’s all from us in Little Fish, Happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2020 for another exciting year.

Miss Roshin and Miss Tarsh

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