What makes Us Unique?

“Our Approach to Education empowers the head, heart & body allowing children to be all that they can be.
We educate our future, by guiding our children to face the challenges of every new day with a Grit and Growth mindset. This framework encompasses mindful awareness, body clues, healthy eating, solution focused skill set, passion and perseverance”.

Educating OUR Future is what we do best.

We believe children can be over stimulated with constant choices of different activities on offer at kindy. Let children be children and learn through play.

Our priorities
  • Before/After school care and Vacation Care with courtesy bus.
  • Focus on sustainability with a whole yard just to explore
  • A Focus on mental health
  • A wonderful team of exceptional Educators
  • A homely learning environment
  • FREE nutritional meals and nappies
  • FREE Aboriginal inspired Tee upon enrolment
  • FREE parent privacy portal about your child’s day
  • FREE parent information and printables with a weekly blog
  • Exciting Events and information night
Our Company Values

Educating OUR Future is what we do best.

We believe children can be over stimulated with constant choices of different activities on offer at kindy. Let children be children and learn through play. Our activities are stimulating without over stimulation. It’s important to get the mix right otherwise you have a child that won’t go to bed to all hours and needs to be constantly entertained because the activities at kindy are so exciting that nothing at home compares. We keep it simple but engaging and nothing that you can’t reflect at home.
Gross motor skills are just as important to a child’s development as fine motor skills so we have incorporated a gross motor/ fine motor skills program with Celticvision. Celticvision is run by Jenny Barnett, a life coach, NLP practitioner/ yoga instructor. Snakes and Sea turtles experience yoga once a week as part of the curriculum here at Bright Kids.

Acknowledgement of Country

Integrating our history into our curriculum.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of this country and recognise the continuing connection to land, sea and community. We pay our respects to the land we’ve been given by the kummunberri tribe and to their cultures and to elders past, present and emerging.

our vision is a journey of living, breathing and walking together to bridge the gap.

To build relationships, respect and opportunities we focus on engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Our indigenous program ” EMPOWERING OUR YOUTH” is still in progress.

Focusing on sustainability

Environmental Yard

We have created an Environmental yard to incorporate the natural environment. While Sustainability is part of the EYLF emergent curriculum, created to respond to, expand and build upon your child’s ideas and interests in a group, collectively and individually, research has linked exploring nature increases cognitive function. In nature kids develop their brains through imaginative, innovative, whole- body experiences. children are free to grow, especially their brains.

The Colour Story

We have splashed all our walls with bright primary colours

For a start, upon entering our centre you instantly feel engaged and happy.

There is also a colour psychology behind why we decided to splash our walls with these particular colours.

In our Foyer we have the primary colours of RED, YELLOW and BLUE:

RED symbolises determination, passion, love, adventure, energy and life forces;

BLUE symbolises trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. It is the also the colour of the throat chakra which represents communication;

YELLOW symbolises sunshine, hope, happiness, positivity and clarity;

Litle Fish

Burrunan 6wks-2yrs

Green brings restfulness, self respect, well being and balance. Balance in the face of change and transformation. The paler the blue the more freedom we feel.


Maugro 2yrs-3yrs

Blue also seeks peace, tranquillity and mental relaxation.


Gadi 3yrs-4yrs

Pink relates to understanding, giving and receiving of nurturing, compassion and love. The colour psychology pink is a sign of hope, inspiring warm, comforting feelings. Studies have shown that pink has a calming effect on the nerves.

Sea Turtles

Kurlibil 4yrs-5yrs

Orange stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. With a splash of red which is energising, exciting and stimulates motivation. It signifies leadership qualities promoting ambition and determination.