Easily Accessible

Bright Kids Early Learning Centre is situated on the corner of Nerang- Connection Rd and Hope St in Nerang. Nestled directly behind the Hinterland Medical Centre, Bright Kids is easily accessible to M1 entrance, shops & Nerang State school in a residential area providing convenience for families.

We Offer
  • A nurturing & passionate team of educators.
  • Bachelor of early childhood teacher.
  • Nutritional meals cooked fresh daily. on-site.
  • Affordable fees with discounts available.
  • Before/After School Care and Vacation Care with courtesy bus.
  • 3 Specialised, extra curricular programs included.
  • Nappies, wipes and sunscreen included.
  • Weekly blogs with parent tips and program insights.
  • A warm homely environment
Educating Our Future

Our Approach To Education

Our approach is to teach children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. This empowers children to be all that they can be. Guiding children as they practice and learn about respectful interactions and communication forms a basis for lifelong learning. Our educators are not just facilitators but also co-learners. We believe we gain as much knowledge from children as they gain from us, so Listening is not just a requirement, it’s a skill. Listening to children enables them to enhance skills in areas such as their language, self-help, cognitive, mathematics, social interaction and fine/gross motor skills.
We recognise that Children learn best through creativity not through consumption. We promote play as the emphasis through a process of exploring, problem solving, social interaction & role play.

We foster ongoing communication with families developing meaningful connections to enhance learning outcomes for children and to assist in consistency between home and our Centre. Our goal is for our Educators and our Families to work together for the benefit of the child.

Acknowledgement of Country

Integrating Our Culture

Bright Kids ELC acknowledges and respects the original custodians of this land, multiple cultures and celebrates the benefits of diversity and honour our differences. We value & respect the varying customs and beliefs of all our families. We especially acknowledge the traditional owners of this country and recognise the continuing connection to land, sea and community. We pay our respects to the land we’ve been given by the kummunberri tribe and to their cultures and to elders past, present and emerging.

our vision is a journey of living, breathing and walking together to bridge the gap.
We introduced and embedded the 'Empowering our Youth' program into our curriculum to to invest in children our cultural knowledge and support our Indigenous families.We collaborate every 3 weeks with traditional elder, uncle Allan, who teaches our native culture through interactive lessons. All lessons are modified to each age group and are linked to the EYLF. Our Educators and Teachers extend on these lessons to consolidate the teachings, until Uncles next visit.
There are 7 Common ground features between mainstream and Aboriginal pedagogies that enhance learning for all children.

Nature Focussed

Outdoor Classroom

We believe in a positive and proactive approach to our outdoor classroom environment and encourage educators and children to discover respect for the land, nature and animals. Our learning spaces are designed to allow whole body, imaginary exploration, where children are supported to develop mastery over their environment. Our environmental yard incorporates natural elements such as grass, dirt, logs and bark to facilitate our specialty programs: Nature inspired, Aboriginal Inspired and outdoor classroom learning. This enables the educators to respond to, expand and build upon children's ideas and interests in a group, collectively and individually. Research has linked exploring nature with increased cognitive function. In nature kids develop their brains through imaginative, innovative, whole- body experiences. children are free to grow, especially their brains.

Certified Resilience Program

Mindful Kids

Bright Kids ELC view the importance of social and emotional development as being as conscious as learning to read and write. We are advocates for mental well-being and have dedicated an entire program to building resilience & cultivating calmness to enable our children to tap into their strengths & support systems to overcome challenges and adapt to change. The importance of happiness motivates individual activities, raises awareness, strengthens creativity & facilitates social relationships.

Yoga and meditation enhances our resilience approach by assessing and integrating our Mind and Body with intentional breathing and stretching practices. We strongly believe it's an important aspect of learning the art of flexibility and regulating emotions through breathwork. A flexible body = a flexible mind.
Yoga cultivates a growth mindset, enhances physical flexibility, refines balance and co-ordination, develops focus and calms the monkey mind .
Learning to be present and in your conscious mind is a practised life long skill.

Litle Fish

Jalumm 6wks-2yrs

The colour phycology behind Green is that it reflects restfulness, self respect, well- being and balance.


Gwongs 2yrs-3yrs

The colour phycology behind blue is it creates  peace, tranquility and mental relaxation.


Jomgwongs 3yrs-4yrs

Pink relates to understanding, giving and receiving of nurturing, compassion and love. The colour psychology pink is a sign of hope, inspiring warm, comforting feelings. Studies have shown that pink has a calming effect on the nerves.

Sea Turtles

Pingins 4yrs-5yrs

The colour phycology behind Orange is that it stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. It signifies leadership qualities promoting ambition and determination.