Bright kids Early Learning Centre in Nerang established since 2011, best childcare centre, long daycare

What we offer

  • A nurturing & passionate team of  qualified educators.
  • Bachelor of early childhood teacher.
  • Nutritional meals cooked fresh daily. on-site.
  • Affordable fees with discounts available.
  • Before/After School Care and Vacation Care with courtesy bus.
  • 3 Specialised, extra curricular programs included.
  • Nappies, wipes and sunscreen included.
  • Weekly blogs with parent tips and program insights.
  • A warm homely environment

Bright Kids Early Learning Centre is situated on the corner of Nerang- Connection Rd and Hope St in Nerang. Nestled directly behind the Hinterland Medical Centre, Bright Kids is easily accessible to M1 entrance, shops & Nerang State school in a residential area providing convenience for families.

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    Inclusive and forward thinking

    Why Choose Us

    Bright Kids Early Learning Centre strongly believes that encompassing extra curricular programs, that support social and emotional health, critical thinking and being Inclusive, compliments the national curriculum for optimum growth.
    We facilitate the development of children’s emotional comprehension through our “MINDFUL KIDS” resilience program. Having the capacity to deal with adversity, change, build healthy relationships and feel empathy, are just as important as learning to read and write.
    Harnessing critical thinking outdoors through our “NATURE” bush kindy program, builds the foundation of critical thinking.
    Our vision of acknowledging our aboriginal heritage through our "EMPOWERING OUR YOUTH" program is a journey of living, breathing and walking together to bridge the gap.

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    Educating Our Future

    Our Approach To Education

    Our approach to education is to teach children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Guiding children as they practice and learn about respectful interactions and communication forms a basis for lifelong learning. Our educators are not just facilitators but also co-learners. We believe we gain as much knowledge from children, so listening is not just a requirement, it’s a skill. Listening to children enables them to enhance skills in areas such as their language, self-help, cognitive, mathematics, social interaction and fine/gross motor skills.
    We recognise that Children learn best through creativity not through consumption. We promote play as the emphasis through a process of exploring, problem solving, social interaction & role play.
    We foster ongoing communication with families developing meaningful connections to enhance learning outcomes for children and to assist in consistency between home and our Centre. Our goal is for our Educators and our Families to work together for the benefit of the child.

    Educating our future at Bright Kids ELC in Nerang, best childcare centre, long daycare centre.
    Early Childhood Educators

    What Makes Our Team Unique

    To support children in developing positive, inclusive and resilient learning tools, educators must first be trained themselves in (EI) Emotional Intelligence. Team members participate in regular training sessions with a certified NLP coach in order to effectively role model and facilitate resilience tools.
    Emotional development in early years learning is far more than just identifying emotions and feelings. That is the building block for babies and toddlers. By the age of 3, children attending our centre are capable of recognising, regulating and pivoting their emotional state. Teaching children to manage their emotional world is a game changer at this age and it’s what makes our educators unique in their approach to developmental milestones.

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