Baby Shark Kids Video- Bright Kids ELC

In Our Sea Turtles room we chose The popular children’s song “Baby Shark” to inspire imagination and foster learning.

The video was an exciting and unique way to provide and display the children’s achievements.

Our Educators and teachers are aware of the significance that our state of mind plays, in retaining  80% of what we are learning. Because we don’t learn through consumption, we learn through creativity.

Our main focus is to keep the flow and create positive, fun opportunities to meet social and emotional needs of the children. A playful ambience allows space to facilitate open and flexible interactions.

Over the course of the week, Pre-Preps enthusiastically learnt about land & sea, above & below and an array of under water sea creatures.

The After School Care  children also took great pleasure in participating in this learning opportunity by creating the masterful, backdrop for the video.

The Sea Turtles children enjoyed the experience so much that they requested to perform the song at the christmas concert, a few months later.

And just quietly, the educators enjoyed themselves as much as the children.


And just for fun the Educators got in on the act and did a Drake style version.

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