H ello  parents, most of you know me as Mr John, from teaching your children in either Dolphins, Snakes or Sea Turtles in previous years. I am also now the After School Care Senior Educator and  will be caring for your  beautiful children every afternoon for the “MY TIME OUR PLACE” program.

 I strive to create an environment that encourages positive self-esteem and high self-worth to assist each of the children to have lifelong emotional intelligence that gives them the ability to cope with life’s challenges. 

My personal goal for the ASC program is to challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential. I want to take students at different levels and see them develop together for the growth and betterment of each individual. I believe that each child is an individual with unique needs, strengths and interests and I that children should be valued for their individual personality and abilities

School Age Care

Before School Care

Enrol with Ezi Debit and pay only $19/Day



School Age Care

After School Care

Enrol with Ezi Debit and pay only $22/Day



School Age Care

Vacation Care

Enrol with Ezi Debit and pay only $58/Day



More about the program:

Our After School Care program has a flexible routine involving: Homework and extra support time, Yummy healthy afternoon tea, games and activities, follow ups and extensions from their learning at school and a huge amount of enjoyment during outside activities in the evenings all based on the children’s interests.

In the program daily I start with a blank table with the five learning outcomes (children have a strong sense of identity, children are connected and contribute to their world, children have a strong sense of well-being, children are confident and involved learners and children are effective communicators). With this each day I fill out the relevant columns on the achieved learning for the day (this can be seen on the schoolies board outside of pre-prep). I ensure that each day all 5 columns are filled out as proof of leaning, extensions and collaborations are achieved.

The program is set up for planned and unplanned experience that you will be able to see each day. Children are also encouraged to do their homework when they arrive in the afternoon before being able to participate in play. We have the opportunity to be able to use the smart board in any learning that we may do in the afternoon and it is great with homework help. If you have any questions feel free to come and ask me.

General Information:

Our Vacation Care program caters for up to 12 children daily with a balance of ‘In centre’ activities and excursions. Vacation care available every state school calendar holiday.

Before and After School Care with Courtesy Bus departs centre @ 8.30am
Traveling to Gilston Primary,  & Nerang Primary.

We can travel to William Duncan State school and St Bridgets on request. see management for finer details.

If you don’t have siblings attending the centre your are welcome to contact us in regards to our school age programmes.


Here at Bright Kids we believe children deserve a holiday after a busy term of learning and we reflect this philosophy through our Vacation Care program. Our program offers a range of activities, excursions, and exciting visits to ensure holiday fun. Our focus is creating happy memories for children, providing opportunities and experiences for personal growth and discovery and allowing children to access and experience many various activities. Each vacation care day is unique with its own range of fun activities to keep the children entertained regardless of age or their ability.

John Moss

Assistant Director

BASC CoOrdinator

Our program caters for ages 6-12 years and this program is run every school holiday period, inline with the state school system.

Note: Christmas period. The program ceases from 17th December 2018 and resumes 14th January 2019.